This photo series was a collaboration between a college friend and I. Together, we have been taking photos to visualize her journey as she came to terms with having alopecia, an auto immune disease that results in hair loss.


         When I first met Kathy, her beauty struck me. Her piercing eyes, tall figure and her gentle features all inspired me to ask her to model for me. On our first shoot, she agreed to be photographed in the nude without her wig on. I projected photos of trees upon her skin during our first shoot to represent her bond with nature. The first photo in the series is the one that changed both of our lives, forever. It was a coming out of sorts. This series was the first time many people have seen her without her wig on. She trusted me with her story and a collaboration was born after that. We photographed for this series for over three years. After the outpour of acceptance and love she received from peers, her hair slowly start to grow back. First it was a few lashes, then an eyebrow and now she has enough hair to feel the wind in it as she walks.

          This is a visual journey of self love. The story is not finished, it may never be. This project is here to promote the act of self-love. Love yourself, cherish yourself, and celebrate yourself. For who knows, miracles could happen.